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California Voter Data Visualizations on maps

During the Zaplabs Summer 2017 hackday I had the privilege of working with a talented team of developers to build a few different visualizations of voter registration data. I requested the dataset of voter registration for my congressional district: CA 9. This has a surprising amount of info about each household including party affiliation of each resident and the list of recent elections they voted in. The aggregate party affiliation of a neighborhood is an interesting facet of the character of an area... Read more

node.js functional testing and deployment with zombie and codeship

An automated deployment system that runs a set of tests reviewing site functionality against a real system before pushing to live environments provides real peace of mind. Using the zombie testing framework allow fast execution via jsdom of headless browser interactions. The speed which these tests execute is important, getting… Read more

Running node.js in production

I started my first node.js project in late 2013. It was a massive success and working with this tech stack is an enjoyable experience but there were a couple basic practices which kept the site running and allowed us to deploy to production with some confidence. Using clustering to… Read more

CSS Popcorn

See the Pen CSS Popcorn by Aaron Hans (@aaronhans) on CodePen. The above embed is a quick example of silly effects you can create without even using javascript. CodePen is a beautiful tool. Using it to experiment with different HTML templating and CSS preprocessor capabilities offers a quick way to… Read more

NGINX with PageSpeed rules

I was pretty happy with how the Google PageSpeed module allowed me to simplify my build process and automate some performance optimizations I hadn't yet implemented. I was able to stop using grunt tasks for js and css concatenation and minification, have image assets automatically compressed and even get all… Read more